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We build digital products for businesses

Our focus is prototyping and deploying to market at low cost

Some of our Customers

At Yenda Technologies, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation and create exceptional experiences.

Marula Hill Travel
Gingegoat Publishers
University of Cape Town
Fisheries Fund
Treehouse Kids


How we work

A fractional technology team for your business.


We use established open source technologies to build your applications. This means that you can build an application that you own and find other developers to maintain these applications as you grow.

Multi-Platform Applications

Our approach is to build applications based on the use cases. We therefore focus on multiple platforms such as mobile, web, desktop, and IM.


Pricing is based on a monthly retainer fee which can be cancelled. This means that you can budget properly and nopt be tied into a particualar solution allowing for an iterative product development process. This allows you to adjust and grow with your customer's wants and needs.

Learner Management System

An english language school learner management system we offer to schools with variable pricing plans to suit your needs.